Why Free PSP Downloadable Games Are A Waste Of Your Time

So you own a PSP and you are on the lookout for PSP downloadable games on the net? That’s great, and there are literally thousands of websites where you can download PSP software, games, electronic books and more. In many cases the downloading of theses programs is free. The fact that it’s free of charge, put together with thedazzling number of games available, makes it impossible to resist. You will probably fond yourself spending hours in front of the computer, downloading everything you can find.

There are, however, some serious downsides to this approach. Here are a few of them:

1. These websites are usually swamped with banners and ads. In some cases you will find it hard to distinguish between the actual download link to and the ads. This is understandable, as the site owner needs to make a living, but why should you suffer as a result?

2. Many of these sites are hosted on poor servers, which makes downloading of PSP games very slow. Many of the servers are based in foreign countries. Again, it’s a free site, so they save on bandwidth, but why should you suffer?

3. Some of these downloads may contain viruses and spyware that will invade your computer. I had to format my hard-drive 2 years ago, because of one simple game download. This is probably the most serious threat in a free games site – you simply can’t tell if there’s a virus out there, and by the time you do – it’s too late. Yes, I know you have an anti-virus, but I had one too, and it didn’t save my computer.

4. The quality of the games may not always be the best you can find. Because it’s “free”, nobody bothers to sort out the games, rate them, and take out the bad ones. It’s just all there.

5. There’s no customer support, so if you’re not a technical person, you may be in trouble, with on one to help you.

So, these are the downsides of using a free PSP downloadable games site. The other alternative is to use a paid site. This is sort of a “membership site” where you pay a one-time small fee ($20-$40), and than you get life-time access to a PSP games download site that includes the following benefits:

1. All games are rated and bad ones are kicked out.

2. No ads and banners.

3. Lightning-fast servers. The download is as fast as it can be.

4. Every item is viruses and spyware safe.

5. State of the are customer support, if you need it.

6. Daily updated with new stuff.

The benefits of a paid site are obvious, and the payment is something most people can deal with. So next time you think about PSP downloadable games and how to get them, consider the paid option. You’ll have to pay one time, but you them get to relax for the rest of your life, knowing that you can get all the downloads you need in one secured place.